Disaster relief


When a natural disaster happens, water sources and distribution systems are often polluted or damaged. From Haiti, to Chile or Pakistan, Nestlé Waters provides safe drinking water in case of sanitarian emergency.

Key Figures :

  • Few days after Pakistan’s earthquake, Nestlé Waters provided 100,000L of bottled water
  • Shortly after the Chilean’s earthquake, Nestlé Waters provided 500 000L of bottled water
  • After the earthquake hit in Haiti, Nestlé Waters provided 3 millions L of bottled water during the year 2010.

Providing access to safe drinking water to those affected becomes a sanitation priority that will continue until infrastructure is restored.

Bottled water can play a vital role in the aftermath of a disaster. Any time such an emergency situation occurs in a region where we operate, we provide water relief for suffering communities.

We not only provide bottled water and donations, we also mobilize local employees to help in organisation, distribution and logistical coordination in affected areas.

The amount of donations per year depends of course on the situation and needs. Donations are typically in partnership with local governments or national NGOs such as Project Water, a local volunteer organisation in Canada, or the American Red Cross.

Natural disasters

In 2010, significant earthquakes were felt in Haiti and Chile, severe drought conditions plagued parts of eastern North America, and typhoons and heavy rainfall impacted countries and communities in Asia.

Quick Facts :

Water donation in Pakistan

Pakistan experienced some of the worst floods the country has ever seen, affecting over 14 million people.

Nestlé Waters’ immediate response in Pakistan included the donation of approximately 100,000L of bottled water, distributed with other food aid through local NGOs and relief organisations, with help and supervision provided by Nestlé staff.

In addition, Nestlé partnered with the Swiss Development Cooperation to provide water for irrigation and drinking in flood-affected areas by installing hand pumps for extraction of clean groundwater.

Quick Facts :

Providing safe water in Chile


Nestlé Waters provided technical services for installation of pumps and water quality sampling. In Chile, through our CCU-Nestlé Aguas joint-venture, we contributed US$1 million, including 500,000L of CACHANTUN and NESTLÉ PURE LIFE bottled water.

The quake paralysed parts of central Chile and claimed over 500 victims. Shortly after the February earthquake, on 11 April 2010, Nestlé Waters sponsored the Santiago marathon, which gathered 25,000 runners and fueled national pride in the country.

Coinciding with the bicentenary of Chilean state independence, runners were kitted in different coloured vests, positioning themselves as a giant Chilean flag pattern visible from the sky as they passed by the presidential palace of La Moneda.

The event served as a symbol of a nation’s unity and solidarity in the face of adversity.

Quick Facts :

Haiti earthquake relief


On 12 January 2010, the Caribbean island of Haiti was struck by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake.Its epicentre was only 15 miles from the island’s capital of ort-au-prince, causing severe destruction of government buildings, infrastructure and residential areas.

Immediately after the earthquake hit, nestle Waters north america pledged us $1 million in bottled water products, and shipments from nearby Caribbean locations started within one week of the quake.

Working with the humanitarian response organisation ameriCares, 22 truckloads of NESTLE PUREFIFE ,POLAND SPRING and ZEPHYRILLS were initially donated.

Due to the extent of damaged infrastructure on the island, our logistics and supply chain teams worked hard to coordinate with local partner organisations to ensure bottled water delivery to areas and people who were most in need.

Overall, 3 million bottles of water have been donated.

Support for victims continued well after the initial quake, and included liquid meal supplements, milk and food aid from Nestlé Dominica.

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