Creating shared value


We believe that what is good for business can also be beneficial to society. This is what we call Creating Shared Value.

Delivering high quality products, promoting high standards of business conduct, sustainably managing water resources, and continuously reducing our environmental impact are fundamental conditions to maintain our business leadership role in the long-term.

Nestlé has worked alongside a number of stakeholders to better understand its role and contribution to the major challenges of our era.

Nestlé has identified three relevant fields in which to concentrate our efforts. These three fields identify areas where the needs of society overlap with the company’s business interests:

  • Nutrition, which is not only the raison d’être of Nestlé, but is also a key element to consider with respect to major public health challenges: malnutrition, the ageing population, obesity, etc.
  • Water, where access, quality and quantity is increasingly problematic. Rational water management is an absolute priority for Nestlé, because water is essential to every stage of our value chain.
  • Rural development, as the continuous improvement of living conditions in the agricultural communities where our products are sourced is the best way to ensure long-term supply that meets our quality standards.

Quick Facts :

Nestlé Waters is committed to engage in the following areas:

  • Nutrition → Develop Healthy hydration science, awareness and accessibility
  • Water → Implement Water care initiatives to improve consideration of water
  • Rural development → Work for Community development in areas where we are operating

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