How to taste water ?

To help us develop our tasting process, Nestlé Waters invited four distinguished tasters – three sommeliers and an expert tea taster, whose palates are renowned the world over – to join our own specialists.

Our guests were Andreas Larsson, a Swedish sommelier, nominated best sommelier in the world in 2007; George Lepré, former sommelier in Le Grand Véfour and the Ritz hotels in Paris before directing the Professional Studies programme at the Academy of Wine in Paris; Jérémy Moreau, a young Franco-American, former sommelier at the Jules Verne restaurant in Paris and wine consultant for the New York-based wine business, Winebow Inc.; and Yu Hui Tseng, Taiwanese in origin and the only female in the world’s top ten best known “Masters of Tea.” Master Tseng’s tea house in Paris offers 1,200 varieties of the must refined teas.

Step 1 : POUR

Pour water into the glass witch should be one third full and preferably straight-sided without any trace of deposit or residual smell.

Step 2 : OBSERVE

Observe the water from above, horizontally and vertically to detect any impurities.

Step 3 : SMELL

Place the glass under the nose and breathe deeply and regularly several times. Close your eyes to improve concentration.

The tasting phase can now begin.

Step 4 : TASTE

Take a mouthful of water, letting it linger initially on the tongue before swilling it around the mouth. Hold the water over the back of the tongue before swallowing. This technique allows you to assess acidity, sapidity, structure, lightness and mouth feel.

To assess the balance and length of finish of the water, take a second mouthful and let it lie on the tongue. Breathe in a small amount of air through the mouth and breathe out through the nose.

Continue as before, holding the water over the back of the tongue and then swallowing.

Enjoy !