Discover our 6 water families


The tasting process enabled us to depict each of the 140 waters in diagram form and to group together waters whose profiles were similar. The outcome of this exercise was a “waters map” which clearly shows six broad clusters, or families of taste: three for still waters and three for sparkling. The names we have given them give a clear and evocative indication of each family’s overall nature: “bold and distinctive”, “rich and revitalising”, “soft and elegant”, etc.

Not only is our “waters map” a pioneering tool for classifying waters according to taste, it also opens up new options for enjoying water, and will help consumers to find their bearings in the immensely diverse world of flavours and to experience a variety of different tastes.

Consumers will soon be able to find information on taste at points of sale, to help them make their choices.

These waters have pure and bright sensations, and a lot of balance. They are soft, with low mineral and salt content.Their freshness and fluidity is appreciated due to the feeling of purity and the regenerative effect they provide. They are ideal for children due to their soft and gentle taste.

Light & Pure
Acqua Panna

Aqua Panna is as light as silk, epitomising Tuscan mellowness, and its pure, velvety taste found favour with the Medicis as far back as the Renaissance. It is incredibly limpid, with a low mineral content and has a well-rounded character. It is a perfect, refreshing accompaniment to food.

Master Tseng's tasting notes:

with a hint of wet granite. It is like discovering a clear stream. It has a light, almost silky, texture. Its balanced taste combines salty, bitter and sweet elements and conjures up wet white pebbles”.

These waters have a slightly higher mineral content than the “light & pure” family, and have more structure. The taste of these waters is enhanced and revealed by a touch of savouriness. The main characteristic of these waters is the complementary role played by their sweetness and their savour. These waters are appreciated for their inherently consistent mouth-feel. They are ideal to accompany meals.

Rich & Revitalizing

Water with a natural and authentic flavour directly coming from a high mountain source, Levissima leaves a note of mineral lightness in the mouth. Savour the experience of its extreme purity.

These waters have a high-mineral content and salinity. They are full-bodied and have a velvety, sometimes almost an oily texture. They are appreciated for their “gustatory” qualities and due to the sense of “nourishment” associated with their taste profile. They have a strong personality and are mostly consumed on their own.

Bold & Distinctive

Contrex is highly distinctive, even though it emerges from the ground only a few kilometres away from its neighbour Vittel. Its pronounced, flavoursome taste gives it a unique personality in the mouth. Its creamy, almost nourishing texture, emphasises its character. It makes no secret of its mineral content!

Master Tseng's tasting notes:

“It has a chalky, kaolin, lightly iodised nose. Contrex is unquestionably a water with a strong personality, with very overt aromas and an obviously high magnesium and calcium content. Its thick, dense texture gives a sensation of particles in suspension in the mouth. On tasting, it has salty, bitter notes with a lingering hint of bitterness in the finish”.

These sparkling waters have very soft carbonation. The bubbles are so thin and delicate that they seem almost ethereal. The bubbles delicately tickle the tongue before disappearing quickly. These waters show a lot of finesse, are supple and their texture is quite soft. Due to the soft and elegant nature of bubbles, these waters are able to wash the palate, thus they are ideal to accompany meals.

Soft & Elegant
Sao Lourenço

Waters from Sao Lourenço, a small town in Minas Gerais State, are renowned in Brazil. The town is one of the premier spa destinations in the country. The water’s floral aroma, soft texture and delicate, fine bubbles make it a healthy and natural sparkling water which is a pleasure to drink.

Master Tseng's tasting notes:

“A fresh nose with mother-of-pearl hints of seashell over a dominant granite note. The creamy, soft texture retains its suppleness. It tastes of a mixture of salty and acid elements such as fruit acids, giving quite a good balance overall, with a slight hint of bitterness”.

These waters have lively and long-lived bubbles, which feel creamy on the palate. They have a lot of presence on the palate and a slightly salty taste. This salinity is well balanced with acidity to give an overall refreshing, thirst quenching feel. These waters can be consumed perfectly during meals or on their own.

Lively & Thirst quenching

As a symbol of Italian panache and chic, S.Pellegrino’s lively and harmonious taste is the source of its huge appeal. Its fresh, lively bubbles fizz jauntily on the palate and S.Pellegrino is characterised by its subtle mineral content. The slightly salty taste is pleasantly thirst-quenching and has a long, agreeably fresh finish.

Master Tseng's tasting notes:

“The nose is fundamentally chalky with a citrus almost fruity flavour, not to mention a hint of almond milk. Its lively texture is very rich in variety. The distinctive taste of S.Pellegrino is its sharp lemony attack reminiscent of lemon juice, giving it an acidic bite”.

These waters have a lot of personality; their bubbles are very wild and peppery. These waters have a lot of movement and can wake up every part of the mouth. There is a tangy freshness associated with their strong carbonation. These waters are typically consumed on their own or may be used as a “mixer” to create other drinks.

Vivacious & Energizing

Perrier emerges from the limestone ridge of the Nîmes scrublands or garrigue, with an explosive taste and all the bubbles you could wish for. Its hint of bitterness mingles with the flavour of its lively bubbles. Perrier is intensely fresh and the bubbles burst to leave a sensation which is both long-lasting and pronounced.

Master Tseng's tasting notes:

“A chalky nose and fruity notes conjuring up the acidity of a Granny Smith apple and the aroma of unripe apricot. It has a heavy, robust texture. Tasting Perrier produces a refreshing prickling sensation similar to pepper. Its strong, harmoniously-dosed elements strike a balance between bitterness, acidity and salinity”.