Bottled water life cycle

The life cycle of our products can be divided into three main phases: packaging, manufacturing and distribution.

bottled water life cycle

Bottled water life-cycle: packaging

The packaging phase includes:

  • the extraction of raw materials necessary for producing packaging materials, primary packaging (bottles, caps, labels) and secondary packaging (crates, boxes, film pack, pallets)
  • the transformation of raw materials into various forms of primary and secondary packaging
  • the supply of packaging to Nestlé Waters factories (finished packaging, PET resin and PET preforms for producing bottles)
  • the bottle end-of-life: including collection, sorting and recycling

Bottled water life-cycle: manufacturing

The manufacturing phase covers the entire production process at the factory level, including:

  • transformation of packaging materials into bottles: product bottling (pumping, storage, treatments (if any), filling)
  • conditioning with secondary packaging and storage until finished products are transported

Bottled water life-cycle: distribution

Distribution covers both the transport and consumer phases.

This includes:

  • transport from the Nestlé Waters factory to customers, storage at wholesalers and/ or point of sale (on-shelf)
  • purchase by the consumer
  • transport from retail to the consumer’s destination, cooling devices (if any) for home and office delivery or home storage
  • consumption of the product
  • washing of drinking receptacle (if any) and consumer disposal of the empty packaging